ALL49 2 February 2021

                  Proposal for Honoring our Class in the new Alumni & Foundation Center

In an ALL49 of 7 August 2020, I advised that the Naval Academy Alumni Association had committed to recognizing our class in the planned Alumni Association and Foundation Center. The Center is scheduled for completion in late 2022. This commitment is made to honor our class because of the planned sale of 49 House which served the Association for more than 20 years as an adjunct office for the Association’s Development Division. 49 House was our 50th anniversary class gift for which we collected donations from the class of more than $600,000 for its renovation and long-term maintenance.

The Association has generously agreed to honor us by providing permanent displays at the flagpole area in front of the Center and in a prominent location in the main lobby of the Center. For the past several months, I, assisted by members of our Class Executive Committee, have been engaged in discussions with senior representatives of the Alumni Association regarding the details of these displays.

Currently, the Association is considering a proposal we have made for these displays based initially on their suggestions and ideas from our Executive Committee. Our proposal recommends that the displays be configured in bronze plaques to assure permanence, with the class crest and representation of 49 House in bas relief. Copies of the suggested displays are printed below.

The class needs to understand that although we are assured of recognition at these two locations in the Center, their Architect may propose changes to our specific recommendations. I will keep the class posted as we go through this process.

Rick Claytor

(Reproduction of Class Crest)

In honor of the Class of 1949 for its unwavering dedication to
the Naval Academy and the Brigade of Midshipmen and for its legacies
given in the spirit of the “highest ideals of command and citizenship”
Gift of 49 HOUSE serving the Alumni Association for over two decades, now living on in this Center
Service to the nation on active duty for over 45 years in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam
Gift of a class memorial scholarship to help students entering the Naval Academy
Commissioning of the first African-American graduate in Academy history, Wesley A. Brown, who opened the door for many to follow

​(Reproduction of Class Crest)

In honor of the Class of 1949 for its unwavering dedication to the Naval Academy and the Brigade of Midshipman.

Our 50th anniversary class gift to the Alumni Association was the renovation of a three-story, brick-and-frame Queen-Anne-style building on College Avenue which became known as 49 House. This structure with its modern offices, meeting rooms, and common areas became the Association’s Development Division Center supporting the needs of the Naval Academy for over two decades. It was the culmination of Class President Ace Boughton’s vision and John Dobson, classmate and civil engineer, who directed the total renovation.

(Reproduction of 49 House)


                                                                             ALL 49 01 May 2021

                                                                             Class Leadership Changes

One of the class activities for which we can take grade pride is our class column in each Shipmate issue. Classmates have consistently contributed anecdotes and memories that have made our column both informative and interesting and helped to foster a spirit of class camaraderie. We can attribute this high quality of our class column to the leadership of our Class Secretary Paul Laric and Assistant Secretary Ursula Vosseler.

Unfortunately, Paul has just advised me that he must resign as class Secretary for health reasons, and I have reluctantly accepted it. Paul has held this position for the past ten years, and I know I speak for all of our classmates when I say he has done an outstanding job and will be sorely missed. Fortunately, Ursula has agreed to move up to the Secretary position, and I am confident that she will continue the same high standards we have experienced over the past several years.

I ask that classmates, widows, and family members continue to send in memories and anecdotes about not only the years of active military service but also about activities of interest to the class after retiring from active duty. These we will gladly share in our Shipmate column.

When I accept the position of Class President, I am pleased to announce that the vacant position of Executive Vice President will be filled by Richard A. (Al) Frost. Al will continue as Class Treasurer.

“Nothing could be finer” ….

Rick Claytor

                                                         ALL49 – 12 May 2021 (to classmates only)

                                                           Class of 1949 Navy Sports Legends

Classmates: See Chet Gladchuck’s memorandum below. Please submit to me ( your recommended Class of 1949 athletes who excelled in their respective sports while at the Naval Academy. Pete Williams (football), John Barrow (basketball), Ed Griggs (golf) come to mind. I suggest we aim to recommend as many as eight but, as requested, there must be “written text that speaks to why this individual was considered one of the finest athletes in the Class”.

Dear Class Presidents,
Below is a follow-up note from our AD Chet Gladchuk asking each of us for our five to eight “Navy sports legends” Classmates.
Chet gave us a heads-up about this request when he recently spoke with us at our Spring COCP meeting – as one of our “homework assignments”.
Please send any questions and your submissions to Tatiana Motevalli-Oliner .
Steve Comiskey ’69, Class of 1969 Chair COCP

Dear Class Presidents, 
The NAAA is committed to honor and display former midshipmen that our Academy alumni consider to be varsity "legends" in their respective sport in the newly created Ron Terwilliger ‘63 Center for Student-Athletes in Ricketts Hall. The Class of 1965 Navy Legends Exhibit celebrates former Navy student-athletes who excelled in their respective sport while at the Naval Academy. As a follow-up from the recent Class President’s meeting, I am requesting each Class President submit five to eight athletes from your Class that your Classmates considered highly accomplished and contributed in a significant way to the athletic program. There will not be a selection process, but rather those that the Class feels could be defined as varsity athletic legends from within your Class will all be included. This is not a nomination process, but rather an opportunity for us to display from each Class those who have made the greatest impact on the program and on the Brigade through the eyes of their Classmates. It's very important that when the Class Presidents submit their list that there be any pictures included if available, but at a minimum there must be written text that speaks to why this individual was considered one of the finest athletes in the Class.
This exercise is an opportunity to bring a wider breadth of meaning to this display because the information that will be shared with the public directly reflects the first hand respect and acknowledgement of those considered to be legends in the eyes of their Classmates. Please submit the names, pictures if available, and text (500 words +/- is appropriate) to Tatiana Motevalli-Oliner at the NAAA by June 30, 2021. 
Thank you for your help with this effort. We look forward to showing you and your Classmates the Terwilliger Center for Student-Athletes in the future.
Expect to Win!
Chet Gladchuk