A Day of Reflection

When the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred 76 years ago, we were teenagers still wondering what our future lives would be. Four years later we gathered at the U. S. Naval Academy with the war in Europe won and expecting costly battles to defeat Japan. Thankfully, they did not occur. Nevertheless, we served when needed.

Members of the Class of 1949 served in the Armed Forces during the period from May 6, 1941, the enlistment date of Stanley COOPER (D), to July 1, 1988, the retirement date of Glenwood CLARK (D). They served in World War II, the Korean and Vietnam conflicts, and the Lebanon crisis, the Cuban Missile crisis, the Dominican Republic crisis, the Haiti crisis, and in almost all other crises, actions, and emergency deployments of forces by this country that occurred during the 47 years of active service by classmates. We are now represented by all ranks from Ensign retired, John Benoit (D) to Admiral, Retired, Harry Train and Jim Watkins (D). Thirty-nine ‘49ers achieved rank as flag and general officers. They accomplished this in the Navy (37), Air Force (1), and Marine Corps (1). 

Most important are those classmates That have been killed in action (KIA) or in accidents in the service of our country. Many of their bodies - - never recovered - - lie in the waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, Caribbean, and Mediterranean, as well as in foreign lands. They are listed below with BNR (body not recovered) and KIA is indicated.

James Beeler, KIA Korea                                  Robert Manseau, A/C US
Frederick Blodgett, A/C TX                              John McCoy, A/C BNR At Sea
Thomas Butler, A/C                                          John Mergl, A/C BNR off FL                                  
Richard Clinite, KIA BNR Korea                     George Moffatt, A/C BNR 
Robert Conklin, A/C Aleutians                         Edward Rawsthorne, BNR SE Asia
Edward Cruise, A/C CA                                    Richard Seth, BNR off Greece
John Friend, A/C AL                                         Stephan Skomsky, BNR Sargasso Sea
Channing Gardner, KIA BNR Korea                Homer Smith, KIA Vietnam
Joseph Gollner, KIA BNR Korea                     Wayne Smith. Okinawa
William Harris, A/C AL                                    Leland Stegemerten, A/C WA
Irven Hissom, BNR CA                                    Gordon Stewart, A/C North Africa
James Hughes, KIA BNR Korea                       William Stoddard, KIA BNR Vietnam
Joseph Kanevfsky, A/C CA                               Fred Troescher, A/C BNR Marianas                      
Gilbert Kirk, A/C BNR S. China Sea                Michael Vogt, KIA BNR Vietnam
Frank Goulburn, A/C WA                                 Henry White, A/C FL

                                                                                Posted: 7 December 2017

Clyde Luther Scott

The obituary for Clyde "Smackover" Scott in the MEMORIAL section surprised many people as being in the Class of 1949.  I reminded them of the article I wrote in the MEMORIES section about "My Eight Wives." My Plebe summer roommate was number one and I started the academic year with Jack Donaldson as number two. He was found to have tuberculous and was sent to St. Albans in New York and was medically discharged after treatment. At the end of first semester Clyde came into my room telling me he had been "turned back" into Class of 1949 and was told he was to room with me. However, this was a second "turn back" (he was a star athlete for Navy) and he was going to resign. He was going to stay in the room he had until his resignation was approved. He would have been my third wife, but Dave Larish got the position a week later.

Red Tolbert                                                                            Posted: 16 Feb 2018


                                                    Rick Claytor married his good friend Mary Louise Mahood of                                                     Annapolis, MD April 3rd in a civil ceremony. Following the                                                     ceremony, his first stop on their honeymoon was to visit                                                     Rickover Hall at the Naval Academy where they posed with                                                     the bronze sculpture of his long-time mentor, the Father of the                                                     Nuclear Navy.
                                                    Mary Louie will be joining Rick this month in an apartment at                                                     his continuing care retirement community, Ingleside at King                                                     Farm in Rockville, MD. The address is 701 King Farm Blvd.                                                     Apt 203, Rockville, MD 20850.

Congratulations Rick, and welcome Louise to the Class of 1949 family!!