Report of Class of 1949’s 65th Reunion

    For those 49ers unable to attend our 65th reunion because of distance to travel in the days of TSA, medical condition of self or family, and mobility problems, or whatever, I and those attending deeply regret your absence. To allow you to share in activities I have written of happenings each day in the EVENT section. Unfortunately, I was not present in many smaller get-togethers amongst classmates, but hope they are giving many of you their personal reports.
    Many pictures will appear in GALLERY.​

Deaths and Services Scheduled

Joan Aljoe, wife of CAPT Robert Aljoe, passed away Monday April 24, 2017 in Charleston, SC. information on services will be provided when known.

John Frazee, son of Marv and Wanda, died September 12, 2017.  his obituary in in the MEMORIAL section.

Committal of CAPT Ewing R. McDonald at the U. S. Naval Academy Columbarium will be Friday October 6, 2017. Time of the service will be provided when known.
Cast Off All Lines

I received an offer I couldn't resist. Holland America lowered their prices on their New England Canadian cruises as autumn draws near. I leave for Boston to board ROTTERDAM to see what changes have occurred in Bar Harbor, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Quebec. Originally, I planned the September 23 - 30 cruise to Montreal then flying back to Dulles.  The cost of that flight was greater than the cost of staying aboard the ship back to Boston and flying to Dulles.  I booked it and look forward to not having to cook, clean, and find entertainment.  It's there waiting on me.
My last chore is to Inform Rick that he is OTC -  not Officer in Tactical Command, but Officer of the Class to contact until my return by Columbus Day.