BACK: Red Tolbert   and   Bill Lynch
FRONT: Mick McDonald, Joe Morrison and Bill Myers
Ring Dance 1948 - 8th Company
Jim Watkins                John F. Barrow              Pete Swanson
                                     50th REUNION
I'm sure everyone has a lot of these photos of yesteryear that will mean little to anyone after we are gone. Send then to me or make a copy , preferably in .jpg, and I will put them out for all to enjoy.

WM                                                              Posted: May 22, 2014

  John & Liz Bacon and Madelon McDonald                             Barkley & Peggy Wood
            Tom Parsons                                            Barkley Wood                      Walt  Marquardt
                Cal Roberts                                                    Bill & Emma Wynne with son & grandson
            Dave Betty Sprague                                                        Edwin & Flora Pratt
            Frances & Joel Rabinowitz                                                    Joanne & Pete Plank
            Kurt & Mary Dorenkamp                                                Madelon & Mickey McDonald
                    Lou Branch                                                Sheila                            Bradford                    Devon
                                                                                                                Madelon                                Mickey
                        Mary       &     Bob McElroy                                            Sally Hurlbert & Molly Barrow
         Richard Corson & Ann Clements                                            Bud Ince    &     Doris Lackey
    Walt Marquardt    &    Bill Bennett                                                    Eileen  &  Lou Branch
   Ruth Lackey,  Red Tolbert,  &  Peggy Wood                                Rhoda    &    Don Bosley
            Richard    &    Annie Wolford                                                Mary Ellen    &    Joe Josephson
Ursula Vosseler (on right) with her mother and

Marilyn and John Dobson 
 Mickey & Ace Boughton with daughter and husband                                        Marta Kastner
Wes Brown Jr, Carol Brown Jackson, Gregory Blackley (Wes's Godson) & Willetta Brown
Tom & Marta Kastner
Ace and Mickey Boughton
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                           Bill Bodager